Minutes & Agendas

Meetings held six times per year in January, March, May, July, September and November usually on the first Monday of the month at 7.30pm in the village Institute.

Our AGM is held at the beginning of the May meeting

Agenda 2nd Sept 2019

Minutes 8th July 2019

Agenda 8th July 2019

Minutes 20th May 2019

Minutes AGM 20th May 2019

Agenda 20th May 2019

Minutes 4th February 2019

Agenda 4th Feb 2019

Minutes 3rd December 2018

Agenda 3rd December 2018

Minutes 1st October 2018

Agenda 1st October 2018

Minutes 6th August 2018

Agenda 6th August 2018

Minutes 4th June 2018

Agenda 4th June 2018

Minutes 9th April 2018

Minutes AGM 9th April 2018

Agenda 9th Apr 2018

Minutes 19th March 2018

Minutes 5th February 2018

Agenda 5th Feb 2018

Minutes 4th December 2017

Agenda 4th December 2017

Minutes 2nd October 2017

Agenda 2nd October 2017

Minutes 3rd July 2017

Agenda 4 July 2016

AGM Minutes 6 April 2016